Llega Starbucks a Caguas

The company that everyone said would never take off in Puerto Rico, continues its expansion with a new store in Los Prados, Caguas. Starbucks, which started in 1971 in Seattle Washington, has grown rapidly on the island, just like every other market they have entered. The Caguas store will be the 24th on the island and they will continue their expansion with another store, their biggest, in Plaza Olmeda, Rio Piedras in August.

The Caguas store has 1,500 square feet and will feature free wireless Internet, just as many of the other stores have. The store will employ about 35 people. In addition the store will feature a servi-carro, which the chain indicates that all of their future stores will have.

Contrary to the popular opinion that Puerto Ricans would never pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee, the expansion of Stargucks over the last few years has been dramatic. Hint: another three stores are planned to open this year. So dramatic, in fact, that Starbucks Coffee International, the parent corporation, recently announced that they were buying back 95% of the Puerto Rico Starbucks operation from its original local partner.