Fesitval los Tubos

R.K.M. & Ken YManati is set to offer a week of concerts as part of the Festival los Tubos at Playa Los Tubos y Area Recreativa Los Tubos. Starting on Wednesday July 4th and extending for four days, Manati will offer a wide variety of musical performances as well as sports competitions.

In its 26th year, the festival, which is estimated to cost $200,000 dollars, will be televised in short capsules on Univision on "Tu mañana" and "Anda pa'l cará". In addition it will be accessible on various Internet sites.

The itinerary of performers is:

Wednesday, July 4th

  • Pleneros del 5to Olivo
  • Julio Cósar Sanabria y Caobaná
  • Raphy Leavitt Y La Selecta
  • Grupomanía
  • Víctor Manuelle
  • Jowel & Randy
Thursday, July 5th
  • Plenaviva
  • El Sabor de Puerto RIco
  • Joseph Fonseca
  • El Gran Combo
  • Héctor "El Father"
Friday, July 6th
  • Orquesta Siglo 21
  • Plenamía
  • NG2
  • Limit-21
  • Obie Bermúdez
  • La Secta "All Stars"
  • Jeriel
Saturday, July 7th
  • Grupo Ryco
  • Plenéalo
  • Gilberto Santa Rosa
  • Grupo Karis
  • Ivy Queen
Sunday, July 8th
  • Zakandela
  • Concurso trovadores
  • Victor Manuel Reyes
  • Sonora Ponceña
  • Objetivo Fama
  • R.K.M. & Ken Y