Comparte la llama del saber

Got a match?As part of their program of corporate social responsibility, Santander Bank Puerto Rico is currently sponsoring a book recycling program. With the theme "Comparte la llama del saber" or translated "let's burn us some books", at least I think that's what "Share the flame of knowledge". I know at least Ray Bradbury would be delighted. Like many companies these days, the bank wants to throw in their two cents about the importance of recycling in the conservation of the environment.

The bank will be collecting used books during the month of July throughout all 63 of their network of branches across the island. Their hope is that providing a way to reuse books, they will reduce the number of books that are thrown away. As in previous years, the initiative includes the participation of the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. The university is in charge of classifying and distributing the books collected during the campaign. Last year the initiative collected 40,000 books, which were distributed among students and non-profit organizations.

Anyone interested in participating in the book recycling campaign can take there used books, from July 10th through August 4th, to any of the 63 Santander branches. Looking at how they tell their customers where they are located, don't you think it's time for them to get a nice custom map from Dó listing all of their locations? Well, it's just a thought!

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: ButterflySha