Cayo Largo Hotel & Resort to open in 2009, hopefully

Another beautiful Puerto Rican sunsetAfter a past colored with lawsuits, recently the government of Anibal Acevdo Vilá announced the sale of the defunct construction site for the Cayo Largo Hotel & Resort complex to external investors (the hotel construction project has suffered from multiple lawsuits, not Acevedo Vilá, although who knows...). Credit Suisse, along with the developers Flagship Services Corporation purchased the property for an undisclosed price and announced plans to open the resort in 2009.

With 2,000 acres along the coast of Fajardo and bordering a forest, the resort will have approximately 314 rooms and feature a 18 hole golf course. The investors who plan to rehabilitate the property, plan to spend $8 million in the process.

The construction of the property was abandoned in 2003 amidst multiple legal lawsuits, leaving the resort about 90% complete. The construction has set abandoned since then has been under the management of the local government.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: kaiyen