300 and still climbing

300+ StepsWhen looking for a 300 image to accompany this 300th blog post, I found this photograph by John Trainor. According to his posting, the photograph is of the 300+ stairs from the Point Reyes lighthouse. The lighthouse is on the Point Reyes Peninsula, which juts into the Pacific Ocean just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

For me, the photograph is the perfect metaphor for us here at DóndeEs.com. With all certainty, we've accomplished a lot since starting the website last September and the blog last January. However, I still feel like we're still standing looking up at a long flight of stairs. A flight of stairs we still have to climb. The stairs represent all of the effort we still have before us to achieve our goal of becoming one of the most important, useful, and popular websites in Puerto Rico.

We'll get there, step by excruciating step, one enhancement at a time, one customer at a time, one innovation at a time. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, it seems like we're not going to be able to make it up to the next step. With determination, anger, and revenge burning through our minds, we pull our selves up to the next step and start all over again. So while it might not look like we've come very far, when we turn around and look down the staircase, we see hundreds of steps below us. Sometimes it's worth the time to stop and see how far you've come, in order to gain the strength to keep going

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: johntrainor