Thats gotta suck...

GodsmackBad news for all you metalheads out there, due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, or weak ticket sales, oh damn did I say that? Anyway, Godsmack has canceled their July 14th concert data here in Puerto Rico.

The show was originally scheduled to play at the Puerto Rico Coliseum. Sorry dudes, but not this time. I'm sure the standard refund policies are in place. So if you're stuck holding some tickets head over to where you bought them and kick their teeth in if they don't give you back your money. I guess you can also head over to the Choliseo and threaten someone there until you get your dough back.

Since this is a cancellation and not a rescheduling, there is no new date and it'll probably stay that way. So if you want to see the band you'll have to catch them some place else and some other time.