Repavimentación o Infierno?

JamminRecently the Autoridad de Carreteras y Transportación announced and initiated a new project to repave PR-30 between Caguas and Gurabo. The new project is estimated to cost $23.6 million dollars and take 20 months to complete. 20 Months! What are they going to do repave it one pebble at a time?

The Del Valle Group received the valuable contract to complete the work. The contractors will be placing a new type of asphalt called "Superpave", that according to experts has a working life of 14 years. Of course, that depends on a pattern of good maintenance. Yeah, right. And monkeys will fly out of mi arse. If there is anything we excel at, I definitely think it is maintenance.

According to William Miranda Marín, Mayor of Caguas "PR-30 has had many repairs completed, but that just reflects it's intense use". For him, he estimates that50,000 vehicles use PR-30 daily. So it would follow that if PR-30 receives intense usage, then its maintenance would have to be intense as well.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: B@ni