Phantom Fireworks enters Puerto Rico

Phantom FireworksPhantom Fireworks, the largest operator of consumer fireworks showrooms in the U.S., has opened a store in Puerto Rico. The store, which is the company's 55th store is in Plaza del Sol Shopping Center in Bayamón. Carolina Paraliticci is the store manager of the 2,500-square-foot showroom. "We have envisioned the Puerto Rican market for quite some time," said B.J. Alan President Bruce J. Zoldan. "It required a lot of hard work and patience, but we're very proud to finally set foot in San Juan. We hope the Phantom brand becomes a household name across Puerto Rico."

The company, which calls Youngstown Pennsylvania home, was founded in 1977 operates stores in 13 states. Phantom also owns and operates a 12,000-square-foot warehouse and office in nearby Carolina, Puerto Rico. The warehouse supplies product for the showroom as well as 20 Kmart stores that sell Phantom Fireworks merchandise throughout Puerto Rico.

Reaction: Oh my freaking God, you mean we'll finally be able to purchase real honest to goodness fireworks in Puerto Rico? It's almost too good to be true. Hey, wait a minute. What's the catch? How did this happen? I know that there was a change in the laws last year that permitted stores to carry fireworks. But they were a somehow defective. No matter how big the packaging, all of the fireworks looked the same. And when you thought you were in for a treat when someone pulled out one with a 100 shots. However, very soon after someone had lit the firework you only discovered that it was 100 shots de lo mismo. Halfway through everyone was shouting shut it off, no mas. We can't stand it.

I'm curious, will they have the same stuff I'm used to back in Indiana? What will it be priced like? Because, you know. I've been known to shoot off a few shells myself. Will they have them? I'm going to have to squeeze a little visit to Plaza del Sol this week to investigate, then I'll give you the inside skinny.