The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Simpsons Star"Una de estas cosas no es como las otras" used to be the little musical introduction into a matching game on Sesame Street. I'm sure you remember it warmly, as I do. So in honor of that game, I have a new episode for today. Tell me which of the items in this list doesn't belong with the others.

"Robert Redford, Mel Gibson, Jane Fonda, Ricky Martin, Clint Eastwood, and John Denver"

What did you come up with? I know this is a tricky one, but here goes. Only one of these celebrities will have a star on the infamous "Hollywood Walk of Fame" after next year. Can you pick which one? Eeehhh. I'm sorry, the correct answer, the one which doesn't belong with the others is: Ricky Martin.

Yes our own little Ricky Martin will earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Shame before Clint "Do you feel lucky punk" Eastwood. As it turns out the Hollywood streets which are adorned with immortal stars, such as Pee Wee Herman, Big Bird, and Rin Tin Tin, is actually available to celebrities in five different categories:

  • movie stars & directors
  • television
  • singers, song writers, and recording artists
  • radio luminaries
  • live stage performers.
Each category has a different symbol to identify the category. By the way, the celebrity with the most stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is singing-cowboy Gene Autry, who earned five different "stars," one in each of the above categories.

Also, the only other Puerto Ricans with stars are José Ferrer, Tito Puente, and José Feliciano.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: atomic0x