Help Wanted: High School English Teacher

Once upon a time, when I was transitioning from "Corporate America" into the black hole that is entrepreneurialism, I was told by a headhunter that the classified advertisements for employment was just the tip of the iceberg. She told me that the underground market for jobs was significantly larger. I think she said it was something like 60 - 70% of available jobs were never advertised.

In my life I've seen this issue from many sides: I've been hired from a friend's suggestion and I've also been hired from a yellow pages ad. I've also been a hiring manager and hired people from resumes I received from a yellow pages ad and I've also hired people referred to me by current employees.

I bring this up because a friend of mine asked me if I could post something here for a position her company needs to fill. So I offered to help, but at the same time it brought back these memories and made me wonder. Is the under ground job market still bigger than the advertised job market? How has sites such as and changed this situation. Are there any referral employment sites out there? In general, I wonder how this situation might change with the advances of the Internet.

Anyway, here is the English teaching position, my friend asked me to share:

Colegio católico en el área de Bayamón está solicitando un(a) maestro(a) de Inglés para escuela superior. Debe tener licencia vigente del Departamento de Educación. Para información comuníquese al (787) 785-7150.
So here's hoping that blogs are a new way to tap into the underground market for jobs. If you know any teachers looking for a change, send them a link to this post. Know anyone who is newly graduated and licensed? Then send them a link to this blog post. Let the power of the Internet reduce the distance between us all!

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