39no Festival de las Flores

 Phalaenopsis orchidFor the 39th year, the municipality of Aibonito will celebrate the Festival de las Flores. This year the festival will run from Friday June 29th until Sunday July 8th.

The Festival will bring together flower growers and artisans to buy and sell their products. Located on 25 acres of land, the Festival will offer many booths for the sale of plants and even more for arts and crafts. Parking is free and the entrance is only $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for children. The festival was first celebrated in June, 1969.

In addition to the flower and artisan booths, the festival will also feature an exciting agenda of performers. This year's schedule is:

Friday, June 29th:

  • Trio los Condes
  • Orquesta son Caribeño
Saturday, June 30th:
  • Limit 21
  • Orquesta Salsa Y Control
  • Trio log Jilgueros
Sunday, July 1st:
  • Espactacular Concurso de Trovadores "Pico a Pico"
  • La Orquesta Mulenze
  • Trio los Rosarios
Monday, July 2nd:
  • Voces del Centro
Tuesday, July 3rd:
  • Orquesta Experimental
  • Renacer Borincano
Wednesday, July 4th:
  • El Gran Combo
  • Gran Espectaculo Objetivo Fama "El Show"
  • Trio los Jilgueros

Thursday, July 5th:
  • Trio Los Rosarios
Friday, July 6th:
  • Rakim & Ken-Y
  • Rafa y JILO-D
  • Eco Raisces
  • La Banda 3 Pasitos
Saturday, July 7th
  • Show de "Miguelito"
  • Tito Nieves y Su Orquesta
  • Orquesta son Caribeño
Sunday, July 8th
  • Gilberto Santa Rosa
  • Mala Fe
  • Voces del Centro
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