Media Company Will Qualify for 40% Film Subsidy

Stereo Vision EntertainmentStereo Vision Entertainment, a publicly traded, vertically integrated media company, with interests in film, television, and music production properties, has received word from the Puerto Rican Film Commission that the first two independent polarized 3-D feature films on Stereo Vision's current slate qualify for Puerto Rico's 40% film subsidy.

Stereo Vision's Chief Executive Officer, Jack Honour, stated, "Puerto Rico's legislature should be commended for coming up with this plan. It's a terrific incentive for entertainment content producers everywhere. The subsidy calls for the producer to deploy at least 50% of the production's budget in Puerto Rico. The government then, in a rebate, returns 40% of the production money spent working with the Puerto Rican venders and production people. The subsidy comes in the form of liquid tax credits, which are then sold to the local business community.