Internet Advertising set to explode in Puerto Rico

Fireworks explosionThere! I've said it. Even before this year's 6th annual presentation by the Sales and Marketing Executive's meeting next week, in which, I doubt very seriously, they will say it so clearly.

I predict that within two years, advertising on the Internet will grow over 100% and be listed as a separate media category, instead of being lumped in with the "Other" media channel as it is now. As the following article from Caribbean Business states, advertising in Puerto Rico is flat. It's flat and it's been flat for a few years now. As it stands, the "Other" media channel is only anticipated to grow at 8.3%, but will still represent only 1.8% of all media advertising (of course that number includes other media channels, like bathroom ads). So I guess you could say, for now, that Puerto Rico thinks Internet advertising is in the toilet. I guess you could say that when agencies think of Internet advertising they think of toilets. I guess you could say that everyone just pi%#@! on Internet advertising. I guess, well you get the picture.

"Ad spending continues on a flat line by ZDNetCaribbean Business -- The outlook for advertising spending is no surprise: another flat year. Projections call for $735.4 million compared with $731.4 million during 2006—a difference of $4 million or 0.5%, according to MediaNet, media planners and buyers who took the pulse of the industry for CARIBBEAN BUSINESS. Of course, last year was a bomb [...]"

Why, you ask? Well besides the point that we are going to make it happen, a slight nod to Alan Kay, "the best way to predict the future is invent it". But I digress, first, let's consider what the rest of the world is doing. According to this ZDNet Research article, Internet advertising in the United States is approximately 6.5% of total ad spending. So that indicates that we have a lot of room to grow.

"Ad spending by media in 2006 by ZDNet's ZDNet Research -- Total advertising expenditures in 2006 increased 4.1% to $149.6 bln as compared to 2005, according to TNS Media Intelligence. Internet display advertising registered a 17.3% increase to $9.76 bln as marketers continued to shift budgets towards targeted, digital media. Spot TV, boosted by record-setting levels of political advertising, was up 10.4% for 2006 to [...]"
And what about the rest of the world?
Again, you get the picture. Why else? Two words, o.k., maybe three, context-based advertising. More on that very soon....

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