Free wireless Internet coming to Old San Juan plazas

Plaza ColónRecently the administration of the Honorable Jorge Santini, Mayor of the Municipality of San Juan, announced that they are working on a new initiative to provide free wireless Internet access in Old San Juan. Beginning in August 2007 Plaza Colón, Plaza de Armas, and Plaza San José will become wifi "hotzones"

"We will promote public plazas, revitalizing the tradition of getting together in the town." shared Mayor Santini in a press release. According to Santini, the plazas in Old San Juan will become the first ones to have the service in the city. Of course, I'm sure he meant in his new project, because just the other day I was in Old San Juan and there was free wireless Internet access, courtest of xxx, in Plaza Miranda.

The San Juan city hall is expecting that in January of 2008 the same will happen at the Plaza de la Convalecencia, in Río Piedras; in part of the Universidad Ave. and at the Plaza Antonia Quiñones, Plaza del Ancla and Ventana al Mar, in Condado.

The municipality of San Juan hopes that: "All the plazas will be more crowded, the flow of people will be higher, as well as the sales in and around those places.” I guess they should have asked Borders how the whole free wireless Internet helped their sales before embarking on this initiative. In addition, the San Juan city hall said that it will also establish a plan to reinforce security and install more lamp posts in those places.

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27 de mayo de 2007, 00:26
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Me alegra que reconozcan que ademas de internet hace falta luz y seguridad. Si van con ese mindset, es posible que el proyecto funcione.