First business to launch within Tren Urbano System

YummJust imagine. ...... You've had a killer day at work. You were fighting fires, swimming with sharks, and trying to stay ahead in the rat race. You've taken the train home like you do every day. When you step out into the Torrimar train station, with a thousand thoughts racing through your mind. You see a glistening ice cream counter with a friendly cow smiling at you. You say, what the hey I deserve a treat and head over to the Ben & Jerry's counter and order a double sccop of "Chocolate Fudge Brownie".

Well, guess what? You're not dreaming anymore. It has been two years since the Tren Ubano was inaugurated, and earlier this month, the first key to a store was delivered for a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shop. The store, which is scheduled to open in June or July is being opened with an investment of $200,000.

Carlos González Miranda, designated secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, indicated that there are 15 locations ready for business. 15 more will be ready for business in July. The stores are distributed within 13 of the 16 train stations. Furthermore, he guessed that there would be 15 stores in business by the end of December. The locations are not available for bars, gyms, or adult entertainment. Which I would imagine would be extremely popular, because sometimes after a hard day I'm looking to "treat" myself with a little more than ice cream, if you know what I mean.

According to González, they expect the rest of the locations to be filled with fast food, banks, magazine and news stands, and even commercial offices for the water and power company.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: surekat