Día Nacional del Perro

He doesn't bite...For the first time ever, Puerto Rico will celebrate national dog day. On the 3rd of June, Puertoricans and their mascots will party like its 2007. Join the celebration by looking for your "Amigos por Siempre" bracelet in supermarkets, pet shops or by calling 1-866-378-2020.

The bracelets will be available from May 12th through the 3rd of June, while the 30,000 bracelets last. In addition, with any purchase of Nestle Purina, you'll be supporting diverse institutions with the Beneful program.

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1 de junio de 2007, 15:47
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Saben si realmente se va a celebrar algo ese dia?? Me interesaria participar de cualquier actividad que se valla a tener...