CompUSA to Sell VoX Broadband Phone Service in Puerto Rico

CompUSAVoX Communications Corp., a wholesale and retail provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in the United States, announced that CompUSA will offer VoX's VoIP broadband phone services in its Puerto Rico stores and online at

VoX enables customers to make phone calls across Puerto Rico, the U.S. and Canada for a monthly rate that ranges from $14.95, for a 500-minute plan, to $29.95, for unlimited service. Until now, most broadband phone services sold in Puerto Rico have required customers to obtain a U.S. phone number. VoX removes this barrier by offering phone numbers across Puerto Rico -- freeing customers to enjoy substantial cost savings without causing their local friends and family members to incur long distance charges when calling them within the same calling zone.

The VoX service works with a standard telephone, a high speed Internet connection (cable or DSL) and a small telephone adapter, which will be available at CompUSA's Puerto Rico stores, on, and also advertised in their weekly consumer flyers.