Una Cinta Negra

Black RibbonToday between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Comisión Para La Seguridad en el Transito will organize the formation of a living Black Ribbon in memory of everyone that has perished in an automobile accident. This event will take place in la Plazoleta del Centro Gubernamental Roberto Sánchez Vilella en Minillas, in front of the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, on the Avenida De Diego in Santurce. Families of fatal automotive accidents, as well as the general population, is invited to the vigil to remember and honor the memory of those lives lost on our highways.

Recently the United Nations announced that April 23rd through April 29th, 2007 would the first ever United Nations Global Road Safety Week. According to the United Nations, "Since World Health Day 2004, and subsequent discussions in the United Nations General Assembly, Governments and their partners have paid increased attention to road safety. But there is still much progress to be made. Road traffic collisions kill nearly 1.2 million people worldwide every year, and injure millions more. They are the leading cause of death for people aged 10 to 24 years, with devastating impact on families and communities.

Road traffic deaths and injuries also place an enormous strain on a country’s health-care system and on the national economy in general. In regions where young people constitute a major part of the population, the problem is even more acute. On average, road traffic injuries cost low- and middle-income countries more than 1 per cent of gross national product. For all these reasons, road traffic injuries are an important obstacle to development."

I'm personally obligated to also share that I got the black ribbon on this post from "The Norwegian" which was for a campaign to end military action in Iraq by the United States Armed Forces. Bring our boys home now!