Three Boricuas via for Nuestra Belleza Latina Crown

Nuestra Belleza LatinaThree Puerto Ricans have entered into the round of the 12 finalists in the beauty contest organized by Univision, "Nuestra Belleza Latina". The three contestants, which are competing for $200,00 in prizes and an exclusive contract with Univision, are:

  • Yara Lasanta, who was previously a finalist in Miss Puerto Rico Universe in 2003 and 2006, and was Miss Teen International in 2001
  • Madelise Soto, Miss Teen Rincón 2002
  • Lorraine Lara, Miss Moca University 2003
The finalists currently reside in a mansion in Miami until May, when the winner is announced. The contest is being transmitted live from Miami on Univision (locally on Teleisla). The Puerto Rican Giselle Blondet is the host of the contest.