¿Y tu?Back in the early 1990's the roots of a pop culture self help books was born. Key among those books was "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things" by Robert Fulghum. It's a really silly little book with a list of lessons Fulghum recalls learning in Kindergarten , that he suggests are powerful guides for building and sustaining personal relations with others as an adult. Among these powerful lessons are: play fair, clean up, don't steal, say your sorry, flush, naps are good, clean your mess, sharing, etc. With these lessons in mind, we've added quite a few tools to share the features of Dó con los demas. I've collected some of these features together and provided a short description on how to use each one.


The first, and really straight to the point, is recommend us. This feature, available form the primary user interface group in the upper left hand corner of the web page, will allow you to send an email to a friend recommending us. After you click the link, you have to fill in a web form requesting the following information:

  • Tu nombre (Your name)
  • Tu email (Your email)
  • Nombre de amigo (Your friend's name)
  • Email de amigo (Your friend's email)
  • Mensaje adicional (Any additional comments).
That's it, after you complete the form, click on "Enviar" and you'll have spread your love for everything Puerto Rico, that is Dó Thanks!


Ever want to share a location with a friend? Do you want to know the simplest way, for now, to do so? Well just email it to them! It's simple (for example, let's say you want to show a friend how to get to the Jardin Botanico y Cultural de Caguas):
  1. Select the city where the place is located: Let's say, Caguas

    Since it's a general interest location it shows up immediately. But let's pretend it doesn't.
  2. Select "Hotels y Turismo.
  3. Now the Jardin is listed among the locations down the left side of the window. Find the Jardin in the list. Got it?
  4. Ok, see the link right underneath the name with the title "Email"? Cool, just click on it.
  5. Your machine should now open a new window, with your preferred email application of choice. The Subject should be ", Jardí­n Botánico y Cultural" and the body of the message should include a link to Dó something like:
  6. Fill in the recipient (To:) with your friend's email address.
  7. Add to the message with something like "¡Hermano, debe chequear Dó! ¡Esta cañón!" or something like that.
  8. Then click send.
Add to your Email signature

If you are a customer of Dó, first of all thanks for supporting our vision, but you can incorporate your pushpin location into your email signature so that all or your email recipients know where you are located and how to arrive to your establishment reliably.

Let's say, for example, that you use Google Mail. Here are the instructions on how to add your Dó location to your signature:
  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Setting option in the upper right hand corner of the window (scroll all the way to right, if necessary)
  3. Locate the Signature option in the General tab of the settings
  4. Select the radio button beside the text box and add the link to your push pin. To obtain the link:
    1. Find your location,
    2. Right click on the Email option (the same one from send via email),
    3. Select copy link location,

      The copy text should look like: "mailto:?, Jard%C3%ADn Bot%C3%A1nico y Cultural&body=".
    4. Delete everything to the left of the www.
    5. Delete the quotation marks
    6. Change to "Encuentrame en"
    7. You can add your name "Fulana Detal
      -------------" on top of you link, if you wish.
  5. Click on "Save Changes".
  6. Now, when you click on "Compose Mail" button, Gmail will automatically add your signature to the bottom of the message.