Nuestros Jóvenes

Tomorrow night, the Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas (JBCC) will conclude their inaugural activities with a tribute to "Nuestros Jóvenes". This last event will feature musical acts that have young artists. The masters of ceremony for the evening will be J.D. Gúzman and Lynette Chico and they will be in charge of introducing the following acts

Miguelito, Goldo Flow, and Divino - Which are all young reggaeton stars.
Black:guayaba - My new favorite Spanish Rock and Roll band.
La Sista - Another young reggaeton star.

From my experience with the show on March 30th, the artists will probably appear in the order listed. I wish that Black:guayaba was going to lead off the event, for at least as it stand now, Family Don Dees will attend the event. Of course I understand why Miguelito will kick-off the event. His mother told him he had to be in bed by 9:00 PM.

Remember, this will probably be the last time to enter the JBCC free of charge, so I would recommend taking advantage of the opportunity and at the same time support our future. our children.