Nailed it! ..... Again!

Last week the The CW announced who was going to be the new CW Girl, and winner is Iris. Iris, if you'll remember is the theater teacher from Naranjito. In addition to the $500 prize award Iris will also become the new spokesperson for The CW.

Iris, who was born in San Juan on June 17th, 1980 does, in fact, live at home with her parents while she teaches at the University of Puerto Rico in the Theater department. She has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Puerto Rico, with high honors, and she received a Master's degree in Education from the University of Turabo. From her biography, it seems that she be just the person The CW was looking for. Dó congratulates her and wishes her the best of success in her new opportunity. And what can I say, I know how to pick them.

Lessons Learned

As anticipated, the user generated content revolution has not yet landed upon the shores of Puerto Rico. We here in Dó have our doubts whether it will ever arrive. The Internet culture here in Puerto Rico is really a unique breed. While we wish there we more similarities, our challenge is to translate culturally what we know about Web2.0 and what's happening elsewhere into something that respects the business realities of Puerto Rico. Which should be a lesson for everyone who wants to compare Puerto Rico to Ireland, or Finland, or Singapore to discover a model for our economic development. True we new to study their successes, but without transforming those lessons to the business realities of Puerto Rico, their lessons are useless to us.

For future contests of a similar nature, if you want to win: make sure you're original, but more importantly authentic, and above all else, try to wear a silk nightgown.