More videos for "La Tierra Vista Desde El Cielo"

First, I found these videos in the process of posting our videos on YouTube. They were created by the producers of the exhibition, Creative Latino and Latitude 18. The first is a promotional video that gives a nice background for the event:

The next video is the 30 second television spot that many of you might have seen on Telemundo. It has some of the original sponsors for the event, but was never updated to include us and many other sponsors.

Finally, in our continuing coverage of the inauguration of the event, here is part one, of three, of the inauguration speech by the Honorable William Miranda Marin, mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Caguas, host city for the event. Why three parts? First, hey he's an active politician, need I say more. Second, however, he really had a nice message that was worth saying and hearing. Third, YouTube has a limit for videos of ten minutes (remember active politician). Fourth, the final part is short and it contains just Yahnn Arthus Bertrand's speech.