It's official!

La Coca FallsOn Tuesday, George W. Bush signed an Executive Order officially renaming the Caribbean National Forest (Bosque Nacional del Caribe) to El Yunque National Forest (Bosque Nacional El Yunque).

The name change was suggested in 2005 by the Forest Service of the United States in Puerto Rico and was supported by Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño. According to Pablo Cruz, director of the Puerto Rico Forest Service office, "Everyone knows the forest as El Yunque". Which sort of begs the question, if everyone already referred to the forest as El Yunque, I guess the official name didn't really matter, right?

The Forest Service expects the name change will complete the replacement of signs and literature. The name El Yunque is derived from the Taino word "yuque", which means white earth. Cruz added "The Taino's used El Yunque to make contact with their Gods". For the Tainos, the God of Good, Yuquiyú lived in El Yunque, which is also called Sierra de Luquillo.