Inauguracion de La Tierra Vista Desde El Cielo

Yesterday, celebrities, distinguished guests, sponsors, and Yann Aurthurs Bertrand himself were on hand to inaugurate the “La Tierra Vista Desde El Cielo” exhibit. On a wonderfully bright, but a little sticky morning, the morning’s activity was filled with music, singing, dancing, and celebration as Puerto Rico joined a prestigious list of countries to host the exhibit.

We are extremely honored to have played a small part in helping to bring this event to life. In addition, we are honored to be listed among the distinguished companies that are sponsors of this event (check for our humble mention at 1:43).

We’ll be adding additional photographs and another video later on this weekend. In addition, as I’ve mentioned we’ll be working on updating the portal to include new tools for obtaining the most from this incredible exposition.

Note: Updated with a better quality video. MC DonDees 04/23/07