Google MyMaps and The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

OngoPongo.comYou know us here at Dó, we always like to play around with the latest and greatest technologies. While others may want to be the first to own a new whatever, we like to be the first to use a new technology. Well, with the recent announcement of MyMaps from Google, we couldn't help ourselves. MyMaps allows you to create personalized, annotated, and customized maps using Google Maps, otherwise known as a mashup (smashing together data and a map). To create or edit maps, you must be signed into your Google Account, however, you do not need to be signed in to view a map.

To illustrate the abilities of MyMaps we decided to create a mashup showing all of the beaches managed by la Compañía de Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico (CPNPR). So using the locations of all of the balnearios extracted from Dó, we created the mashup and then translated the data from the web page of la Compañía de Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico (CPNPR). The result is "The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico".

Since we have started to explore the abilities of MyMaps we registered in a new website called The web site is a location for people to share and find new MyMap mashups. After registering we shared our new map, and it is now listed in their database under "Caribbean". So we thank the organizers of the and also for listing our new mashup in their database.

If you'd like to have a taste of what it's like to work here at Dó, and have the interest and inclination, we encourage you to to play around with MyMaps. If you do create a new MyMap, please drop me a line at mcdondees at gmail dot com. We would love to build up a database of our own featuring MyMaps about Puerto Rico.

Bueno, even further. If anyone wants to help us out in either mapping out more locations in Dó or writing (in Spanish) on Dondequiera, please drop me a line. We'd love to be able to map more quickly and cover the many events that we just don't have the time to cover.