DóndeEs.com auspiciará "La Tierra Vista Desde el Cielo"

La Tierra Vista Desde el CieloRecently we signed an agreement with Creative Latino to help sponsor the "La Tierra Vista Desde el Cielo" (LTVC) photography exhibition. As we have covered before, the event will feature photography from Yann Arthurs-Bertrand displayed in the open at the Plaza Palmer in downtown Caguas.

It's a real honor for us to become involved with such a prestigious event. But not only that, we thing it's going to be super cool, and who can resist wanting to be associated with a super cool event?

As you may have seen, we've added some nice banners on our home page that, when clicked, take you to the entry page for the LTVC exhibit. The entry page is part of our exclusive promotion on the Internet of the event. On this entry page you'll find (most importantly) the location of Plaza Palmer, but also the locations for the recommended parking spots. From this page, there is a link available to go to the main portal for the exhibit.

The main portal for the exhibit is where the bulk of the information about the exhibit is located. The portal features a combination of text about the event and various collections of locations related to the event. The current groups of locations are a gallery of cample photographs, general interest, restaurants, shopping, the route of the Caguas Trolley, and the tourist locations associated with "La Ruta del corazón Criollo".

During the course of the event, we will be adding new information to this page as it becomes available. We anticipate adding more locations for dining and shopping. But more importantly, we will be adding news, photographs, and interviews. In addition, we will be adding education related materials for students and teachers that will attend the exhibit.

A copy of the press release announcing the agreement is available here. (Adobe .PDF format)