Creciendo en Puerto Rico

Peace on EarthOn Thursday, the Metropolitan University of the Ana G Méndez System will host a scientific exposition about factors associated to violence, premature sex, alcohol and drug abuse, academic performance, and suicide among the adolescents of Puerto Rico. Considering recent events, I bet all of those topics are probably on the minds of most parents, college and high school students after yesterday's horrifying events in Blacksburg Virginia.

The exposition, Creciendo en Puerto Rico will take place in the Amphitheater of the Muñiz Souffront building. The event will start at 8:3- a.m. and run until 3:30 p.m. The cost for the event is $50 per person and includes snacks, lunch, and educational materials. Space is limited to 100 persons, which I wish they could increase by a 1,000 to get some help to understand the Virginia Tech tragedy and hear how we can help protect our children. somehow I hope they find a way to share the information discussed during this exposition. I know as a Father of three, I would find this them incredibly timely and helpful.

On behalf of Dó, I'd like to express our profound sorrow for the sadness and loss the world has suffered. But while the attention is focused on Blacksburg Virginia, let us not forget the similar or more extreme violence that continues to rage in Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan, and Israel, just to name a few other places. May peace reign in the United States, Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan, Israel, and also for us here in Puerto Rico.

I'm reminded of an episode of the X-Files, Je Souhaite, were Scully and Mulder encounter a genie. At one point Mulder is tempted to get his 3 wishes from the genie by unrolling her from her carpet. Altruistically, one of Mulder's wishes is for "Peace on Earth". The genie grants him his wish only to find out that she has removed everyone. Mulder is the only person left on Earth. Is that what it would take? Sometimes, I wonder...

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