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We are proud to announce an important and most useful feature we have yet to develop. While you might have used our Puerto Rico custom search engine before, even we have to admit it's not that convenient to use. Typically, even most of my family, when you want to search you want to do it whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes you. Here in the Don Dees family, we use Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, we typically use the Navigation Toolbar and the Firefox Search Bar.

The Firefox Search Bar is a text field on the Navigation Toolbar where you can just enter in a search string right into the toolbar and then click on the magnifying glass (la lupa). With this feature you can pull up a Google search using the search string you used in the Firefox Search Bar. This saves you from having to go to the Google homepage, type in your search string, and then complete the search. You say you don't use Firefox! Well that's cool, because the Search Bar was also added to Internet Explorer 7, when it was released last year.

Now with either Firefox 2.x or Internet Explorer 7.x, you can access the custom search engine directly through the Search Bar. In short, this new feature makes the Puerto Rico specific search engine more accessible, which means it is more useful. Instead of having to navigate to the search page, all you have to do is add the search engine extension to your Search Bar, choose the search engine, type in your search term, and then click on "la lupa".

So how do I add as a search engine to my Search Bar?

Well, I'm glad you asked. It's pretty straight forward. I'll walk you through it step by step, and then later I'll add a short video to explain how to do it. The process is almost exactly the same for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, so I'll just point out the differences. We've added a feature called auto-discovery which makes the process pretty simple, so the first step is to either navigate to our home page, or navigate to the search page.

  1. You should notice that the drop down arrow changes colors (this meaAuto discoveryns that your browser has successfully detected the availability of a new search engine.
  2. Click on the drop down arrow to display the Search Bar menu of options.

  3. You should see an entry like the following: Add "" Adding search provider(for Firefox) and Add Search Providers (for IE). Click on this entry. In IE, it should then show as a menu option, click on this option.

  4. If your browser is Firefox, it should add the searcConfirm additionh engine automatically. If you browser is IE, then your browser should ask for your confirmation to add the search provider. Click on "Add Provider".

Searching with the Search Bar

The search provider should be installed and ready to go. Now let's use the new provider:
  1. Type in a search string, let's use our famous "bellas arte" example for a previous post.
  2. Now before you click on "la lupa". Click on the drop down list and select the "" provider.
  3. Now click on "la lupa"
  4. Your browser should now take the search string "bellas arte" and submit the string into the Puerto Rico specific search engine, and you should get the results of the search string with the "Bienvenidos al Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré" as the first choice.
That's it! So, happy searching!



10 de abril de 2007, 15:39
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that is very good.. i love it