Thunder and adrenaline in Ponce

American GT CorvetteSunday, Sunday, Sunday. This Sunday (and Saturday too!) at roaring Ponce International Speedway Park the American GT (AGT) Inter-Americas Challenge will kick-off their 2007 circuit. This international event will have teams from the USA, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico all trying to win the Inter-Americas Cup.

American GT cars are purpose built replicas of series produced Touring or Grand Touring Automobiles such as: Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros. The series produced cars exemplify the American automotive tradition of affordable ample horsepower and great looks. American GT cars feature tube frame chassis, V-8 or V-6 pushrod, carbureted engines with composite bodies. Tube frame construction enables preparation of extremely high performance road racing vehicles. These cars are capable of speeds in excess of 200MPH and pulling 2.5gs.¡Motora Madness!

The weekend will also feature races from the Puerto Rico Road Racing Association, Solo 1, and Motorcycles. Solo I events are high speed Time Trials; they may be run at race tracks, airport runways, or may be hillclimbs. Cars must be prepared to Road Racing safety standards (although in some cases roll bars are permitted instead of roll cages) and drivers must be SCCA members with appropriate Competition Licenses.

The action begins at 7:00 am Saturday and lasts until 5:15 with the last heat race. On Sunday the gates open again at 7:00 am and the event ends with the AGT winners taking the podium at around 4:55 pm.