Survey says...the Internet, Hot or Not? Definitely Not!

Broken phoneMost people will tell you there are just some things you just can't trust. A few of my favorite things not to trust are:

  • Any one trying to sell me something that gets paid if I buy what they are selling.
  • Any thing a man says when he is trying to get laid (Hey, I have three daughters! They need to know this).
  • Any thing a politician says when trying to get elected (see first thing).
  • Any thing that people attempt to prove or support using statistics.
But every once in a while you come across some statistics that just seem to fit your own observations and opinions, so what can you do? You just have to share them to the widest possible audience, claro.

Recently the Kelly Global Workforce Index surveyed (oh yeah, don't trust surveys either, pure fabrication) approximately 70,000 people in 28 countries, including Puerto Rico. What was the question? Well then it's time to play Family Feud. Our first question "Which countries most use online (Internet) communication in business?

Contestant one: "France"
Contestant's team mates: "Good Answer, Good Answer!"
Survey says: Eaaangh, sorry France was the country with the least use at work of online communications.
Next Contestant: "United States"
Contestant's team mates: "Good Answer, Good Answer! That's the one!"
Survey says: Eaaangh, sorry that's your second strike. One more and the next family will get a chance to steal.
Third contestant: "Puerto Rico"
Contestant's team mates: Deafening silence, awaiting the ...
Survey says: Eaaangh, sorry Puerto Rico is the country with the second least use at work of online communications.

Based on the survey, only 65% of Puerto Ricans (that work) use e-mail, Internet, or both while they work. The countries that used the Internet the most in business were Hong Kong, México, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. "It is clear that online communication has not hit it off (what like in dating) in Puerto Rico the same way it has in the rest of the world, said Héctor Ortiz, general manager of Kelly Services in Puerto Rico. In other words, Internet, Puerto Rico is just not that in to you, okay?

Out of those surveyed, it was found that many had doubts on the positive impact of technology in the quality of their work. Well that certainly is understandable. I can definitely see how computers and the Internet would not be too helpful in a guaguita on the side of the road. Without electricity, it would be a bit of a challenge to get computers to help your business, but otherwise, if you have electricity, in my opinion your business needs a computer and a connection to the Internet. For me, this explains a lot. Often when we try to explain Dó we sort of feel like the monk in this video who gets a crash course on how to use .... a book.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: ninjaguy82