Search for the CW Girl - Update

Checking in our favorite user generated content contest in Puerto Rico, we have a new entry. Yes, that's right, since last Thursday, only one additional 30 second entry was uploaded to the PR Mix The CW web site. We now have Lizze from Gurabo to consider. In the hunt to get the top 20 videos, they now need 17 more entries to start the public voting. Hey, they only need two more entries to complete the five final entries.

Top 20 countdown: 17 remaining!
Five finalist countdown: 2 remaining!
Time remaining: 13 days and about 3 hours.

If I was the event coordinator or product manager for this brand, I'd be getting a little nervous by this point. Maybe some more advertising would help, but when your primary sponsor Primera Hora, doesn't even support your contest on their web site, you're in trouble.