Search for the CW Girl - Second Update

Time is running out...Well it looks like the open casting call has saved the product manager for the "Search for the CW Girl". There are 39 new videos that were uploaded on the same day and all of the videos have the wanna-bees reading from a set script. In addition, the "models" are all standing in front of the same two backgrounds. So I'm sure they are the result of the casting call.

Besides these 39 participants there are nine (9) new participants, bringing to a toal of 14 user generated videos and 53 toal videos. So with the open casting call, they met their minimum top 20 to finish the contest (although they are still 6 shy from entries submitted over the Internet). They are still some 55 hours remaining to receive entries, however I don't think they will top 60 entries.

At this time, the top videos are still up for grabs, but Kristhina has the top rated video and Beatriz's video has been viewed the most times, with 7,157 views.