Puerto Rico International Boat Show

Caribbbean dreaming...Yes, yes, yes the biggest boating event of the year is finally, er, uh, wait a minute. I thought that the biggest boating show was already going on this week and weekend at Plaza Las Americas. Wow, what a coincidence! There are two major boat shows during the same weekend. I wonder how that scheduling snafu happened? Man is business in Puerto Rico cut throat, or what?

Well if nothing else, at least at the Puerto Rico International Boat Show you can actually see some boats in the water, which is a pretty good place for a boat to be, I think. The show will take place today through Sunday, March 25th, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center and at the San Juan Bay Marina. Tickets are $12 at the door for adults and $6 for children between 2 and 12 years old.

This second annual show will feature over 120 businesses related to the boating industry from both the United States and the Caribbean. The promoters of the event expect to receive over 15,000 people during the three day event. In last year's show there were over 80 boats purchased, which translates into approximately $16 million dollars in revenues. As you might expect from an island in the Caribbean, the boating industry is pretty significant. I'll say, with 13 marinas and close to 110,000 boats registered, the industry does annually over $60 million dollars.

Some of the exhibotrs and companies featured in the event include:

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