Premios a la Calidad 2007

El Mejor de los MejoresSince we started this blog back in January, I've been paying a little bit more attention to the news related to our core interests; everything Puerto Rico that concerns what to do, where to go, what's it like, or who or what's happening. So now when I see that next Wednesday, March 21st, the tourism industry is awarding prizes to their members, I become curious. However, when I learn that the tourism industry has done this before, and I've never heard about it, nor can I find any record of it on the Internet, then I become even more curious. It's like I tell my family, if it's not on the Internet it doesn't exist.

While I believe that the award ceremony will be in the Puerto Rico Convention Center, I just have to take their word on it that the Tourism Company has given out these awards before. The awards are meant to recognize their members in the sector that during the previous year have offered tourists and visitors excellent products and services. During the award ceremony the Tourism Company will recognize:

  • El Mejor de los Mejores - the tourist lodging with the highest index of quality out of all candidates that have over 90% in evaluations.
  • Prizes for each classification of stars, as well as inns and paradores
  • Apoyo al de aqui - the efforts and support from the business community to improve the quality of their services
  • Estímula al de aqui - the foreign or local business that supports with their own capital in the renovation and improvements of their properties, creates new employment, and continuously trains their personnel.
According to Terestella González, executive director of the Puerto Rico Toursim Company, the awards not only recognize our hotel industry, but they also motivate them to increase their levels of quality. Funny, I thought that being more profitable was incentive enough for a company to be motivated and increase its level of service.

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