Open Casting Call

Search for the CW GirlNailed it!

Yes, I called it. The product manager for The CW saw how badly the user generated video contest was going, and said "Oh Fudge, what am I going to do?" then clearly someone closer to the reality of Internet in Puerto Rico must have told them, "Screw that video thingy, what you need is to go old school, you need to conduct a casting call." And so that is exactly what The CW is doing.

You can enter the search for the CW Girl by attending a casting call this Saturday from 10:00 am until 1:30 at the Caribbean Broadcasting Network offices in Metro 6 Suite 203, Metro Office Park, Guaynabo. I hope they just take the opportunity to make each participant make their 30 second plead for fame right on the spot, and then upload them all to the server.

They did have a bit a rush on the site today, they have three new entries:

Top 20 countdown: 14 remaining!
Five finalist countdown: 0 remaining, they made the first milestone, they can conduct the final voting.
Time remaining: about 11 days.
Most viewed video so far: Lizzie