Nautiexpo 2007

Boat of your dreams?Next week, from Monday until Sunday, the parking lot of Plaza Las Americas will transmorgify into a shipyard for boating enthusiasts. At this time I bet you are thinking one of the these following sentiments: a) What, with so many extortionists being caught and prosecuted, who can afford these luxury boats? b) I had better get there early to avoid the crowds c) What, like there already isn't a freaking parking problem in Plaza? To which I would respond: a) Don't worry there are still thousands of corrupt officials left to be caught. b) Don't wait for me. c) Be happy, pretty soon you'll be obligated to use valet parking.

From March 19th until March 25th Plaza Las Americas will host the Nautiexpo 2007 (Hey, over here, yes, thanks. Welcome back. No it's not that kind of naughty expo.) The expo will feature the most complete selection of boats and maritime equipment in Puerto Rico. During the festivities you'll have the opportunity to:

  • buy and finance the boat of your dreams
  • Purchase insurance for your boat
  • See exhibits from service providers related to the industry
  • Partake of seminars by recognized professionals.
Plaza Las Americas has been sponsoring this exposition for more than 20 years, making it a tradition for boating fanatics. So if you're into boating I'm sure there won't be anything like this boat show until at least next year.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: bernie mccann