MDA Cool Party

Attack of the PR zombies!I remember, in a previous life, around this time every year, the girls from Public Relations would go through the office requesting participation in the annual MDA funds drive. They would be dressed in the t-shirts and polos and ask if you wanted to buy one. Of course, it just always seems to work out that way, but the girls in Public Relations were always some of the most beautiful in the company. I'm not sure which it is, whether hot looking chicks just gravitate naturally towards working in Public Relations, or was it something the hiring managers, usually hot chicks themselves, would subconsciously factor into the hiring process.

I also thought the whole process was a little bit "sucio". I mean one minute you are working on some mind numbing stupid report for management, and the next minute you have all of these beautiful people in your office. They pop into your office all full of energy and smiles, and then they drop the big one. "Would you like to cooperate with the MDA program this year?"

After a few seconds of stunned silence, during which your mind needs to change so many gears that it is a miracle that the mental transmission you have in your head doesn't just completely rip itself to shreds. I mean it is like being in 5th gear overdrive and then as soon as the gleeful and smiling people bounce into your office, you have to down shift to first degree. So while your mind is complaining, you're only able to blurt out something to the effect of "Wha?". Finally, your mind catches up and you follow that clever reply up with "Uh, how much do they cost?"

Now that I think about it, that was kind of like asking a car salesman to tell you about a car, when she is under quota for the week and for the month. So they launch into their spiel, and conclude with a big smile and ask, "So how many do you want?" Then before you can even stop yourself, you hear yourself say "I'll take two". Doy!

My advice is don't beat yourself up over it, after all it is for charity. But, to be honest, you never even had a chance. As soon as they popped into your office and you looked up from your zombie inducing work, you were like a deer caught in the glare of their shining personalities. Besides that, you'll have purchased two free passes to a pretty cool party on March 30th at 5:30 PM in the Coliseo Roberto Clemete. Yep, if you buy a "b cool" t-shirt or polo, you get to attend the "Cool Party" for free. And from the looks of it this year's party has a pretty exciting selection of artists:

Millie Quezada
Jerry Rivera
Limi-T 21
La Sista
Grupo Mania

So make peace with your inner zombie, buy a couple of MDA Cool shirts and go easy on yourself. And for all those lovely people in the Public Relations profession, shine on you crazy diamonds.