la fiesta de : Remi El Musical

Sometimes when I'm taking care of my daughter, she'll get up early and I'll flip on the Public Broadcasting Network. They show a nice mix of locally produced and nationally syndicated shows. In my opinion, one of the nicer local shows is "El Planeta de Remi". Like any children's show it's full of singing, characters, and skits. I think I like it more than my daughter does, I think Remi, José Vega Santana, has a great voice and has an interesting musical style. I'm impressed by his commitment to children, of course, I just hope that one day we don't see him being arrested for child pornography or some messed up crap like that. Fortunately, so far, so good, he seems like the real deal.

Anyway, Sunday March 25th, he will be leading a group of more than 100 artists in his celebration of "la fiesta de : Remi El Musical". Why the fiesta? Well, recently Remi completed his 51st birthday, so a few of his friends are throwing him a party. The fiesta will include participation from some of his old friends and co-worker Colorina, as well as some other distinguished children's performers, such as Sandra Zaiter, María Chuzema, and Chicola. The show will be at 3:00 PM in the Coliseo Roberto Clemente and will feature many additional treats for the kids, like balloons, presents, and of course, the obligatory, surprises.



17 de marzo de 2007, 01:30
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Remi esta cabron...

me quito el sombrero ante ese tipo