Junte Histórico

Our 100th post!In celebration of their 55th anniversary, the Sales and Marketing Executive Associaton of Puerto Rico will host the "Junte Histórico" or as Google Languages translates it "join historical". The event will take place March 7th at 5:30 pm in the "Salón de Actos del El Nueva Dia", the Assembly Hall of El Nuevo Dia. The event will examine the challenges of the industry from yesterday and today.

Moderator for the event will be Eduardo Martín, from Comunicaciones ViceVersa, additional participation is expected from:

Jaime Córdova, with over 40 years experience (a geezer)
Guillermo Paz, PopuliCom

Joe Ramos, Televicentro
Carlos Nido, El Nuevo Dia

Ventas y Distribución
Angel Torres, Bacardi Corp.

Relaciones Publicas
Ana Maria Echenique, Comstat

Charlotte Ware, President
Jesús Latalladi, ex-President

Entrance is limited so reserve your space immediately by calling (787) 764-8595 or visiting the SME website. Cosponsors of the event are ADnotas.com and sinflash.com.

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