Gran Inauguración del Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas

El Jardín desde el CieloThis weekend the Autonomus Municipality of Caguas will inaugurate the new Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas. The grand inauguration will be Friday, March 30th at 5:00 PM. The activity will take place in the Principal Atrium of the Garden with the participation of many musical artists. Entitled Isla de la Identidad "Oubao Moin; Isla de Sangre", the activity will include Nydia Caro and Haciendo Punto en Otro Son, the Orchestra and Municipal Band of Caguas, the Children's Choir of Caguas, Coral Dorada, the Ballet Folklórico Criollo, and the School of Dance Luis Orlando Figueroa. Oubao-Moin was the name the Indians of the Caribbean gave to Puerto Rico, which meant "Blood Island". It's funny (not really) how some hundreds of years later it still lives up to it's name.

The Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas is a thematic park designed to educate the public about Puerto Rican culture in relation to nature and tropical agriculture. The park is located in the barrio Cañabón of Caguas, and occupies some 60 acres of land, which were once part of the Hacienda San José, an old sugarcane manufacturing production center. Hacienda San José was a vital agricultural center in the Turabo Valley during the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

The garden offers, among other attractions, beautiful signage, educational guided walks, virtual presentations, and the following exhibitions:


Brenda Padilla

28 de marzo de 2007, 23:39
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Los felicito por esta iniciativa, creo que no hay ningún blog como el de ustedes! Espero que sea un éxito el jardín botá al ladito en Hacienda San José, así
que espero visitarlo este weekend...