Doggies go bling bling

This Thursday at the Normandie Hotel, there will a fashion event unlike any you've probably ever seen. The models will be well groomed and ready to strut their stuff, for sure, but will the bitches participating have their shots up to date? The models will be showing designs by David Antonio and Sonia Rivera, and the event will benefit the Foundation. Yes, the vesitbule of the Normandie Hotel will magically transform into a dogwalk for a canine fashion show. These doggies are going bling bling at the Normandie and so can you, for more information call (787) 505-2321.

Your probably saying to yourself. Surely, you've got to be kidding me right. I'd say, don't call me Shirely (a little shout out for Airplane). Then I'd tell you this is no joke. Last year in New York City they celebrated the first fashion week dedicated to mascots. Alexa Cach, fashion director of Pet Fashion Week, has said that pet fashion is set to become popular with all animal lovers and is not just for famous stars such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. She added: "Pet couture has been driven by pink bows and celebrity for too long. Pet fashion is an industry that is here to stay".



12 de marzo de 2007, 12:08
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Every time I see something like this or an ad for "restaurant inspired pet food" I want to vomit. We are a really messed up society. I bet most of those in the Pet couture industry don't acknowledge the homeless when they run into one at a traffic light and probably spend more on their disgusting useless pets than helping fellow humans.