Cumbre Contra la Criminalidad

It's not someone else's problem!Today and tomorrow the Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico Comisión de Derechos Civilesde Puerto Rico (CDC) invites you to participate in La Cumbre multisectorial contra la criminalidad. The activity is being held in the Puerto Rico Convention Center and is free of cost. According to Dra. Palmira N. Ríos González, president of the CDC, "Esta Cumbre tiene como propósito principal delinear planes de acción contra la criminalidad y establecer una infraestructura civil que asuma la responsabilidad por luchar contra este flagelo social dentro de un marco de respeto y enaltecimiento de los derechos humanos.” Which translates roughly into "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! What are we going to do. Who's responsible for this? Oh my God, the sky is falling! Help us!"

Some of the themes that the summit will address are the response available from education, economic development and the generation of employment, community action, medicalization of drugs, the role of society, and access to medicine. explained la Dra. Ríos González. In addition she added that the organizations already involved in the summit were:

The Comisión de Derechos Civiles web site has a nice calendar of events as well as several very informative and useful presentations about not only the summit, but the problem of criminality in general. Of particular interest is a paper submitted to the Health SCIENCES JOURNAL entitled "¿Guerra Contra Las Drogas o Guerra Contra La Salud? Los Retos para la Salud Pública de la Política de Drogas de Puerto Rico." I think this article hits at the heart of the issue and should be taken extremely serious.

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