Cotto wins by TKO

Did I do that?Miguel Cotto successfully defended his welterweight title against Oktay Urkal with a technical knockout in the 11th round. The bout riddled with nasty head butts by Urkal, but Cotto still prevailed. Cotto was ahead in the open scoring when Urkal's corner through in the towel after Urkal's second point deduction of the match for a head butt. When asked after the fight about the head butts Urkal replied "Did I do that?"

Cotto now will move on to fight Zab Judah, the former undisputed welterweight champ from Brooklyn, at Madison Square Garden on June 9. Cotto's performance against the game but foolhardy Urkal was not the type that will strike fear in Judah, a three-time world champion who was sitting at ringside.

Here is a brief round by round summary of Cotto's title defense:

Round 1 - Urkal throwing a nice jab. Cotto comes back with his own jab. Urkal fighting better than expected, landing jabs and trying to get off with right hands. Cotto to the body. Urkal keeps pumping the jab.

Round 2 - Cotto now coming forward with shots to the body. Urkal with a shot to the body. They exchange combinations. Cotto with a sharp jab. left hook by Cotto. Urkal landing good combinations. Cotto throws a lazy jab. Urkal keeps blocking all of the body shots of Cotto. Cotto with a left, Urkal with two rights. Urkal to the body and jabbing.

HBO scores both of the first two for Cotto

Round 3 - They are trading jabs. Cotto now jabs and goes to the body. Left hook by Urkal. Cotto with hard lefts to the body and goes to the head. They stand close and trade body punches. Cotto doubles to the body and Urkal tries coming back, but Cotto goes back to the body and landing shots to the head. Left hook to the head pushes Cotto back. Urkal tries to come back with two rights.

HBO scores for Cotto

Round 4 - Cotto is now letting his hands go. Urkal landing punches but Cotto is walking through them to land bigger punches. They trade body puches, Urkal not winning the battle. Cotto is now starting to land some big body shots and catches him with a huge uppercut.

Round scored for Cotto.

Round 5 - Cotto is coming forward now with more body punishment. Urkal is unable to get off, just moving around to survive now. Cotto chasing around with some body shots. It appears that a clash of heads has opened up a cut on Cotto.

HBO scores for Cotto

Round 6 - Cotto with hard body shots, blocking the counters of Urkal. Urkal trying to target Cotto's cut, Cotto turns into a near southpaw stance to keep Urkal away from the cut as he targets Urkal's body and begins to throw more head punches.

HBO scores for Cotto

Round 7 - Cotto is starting to get mad as Urkal is often using the head. Cotto coming forward with hard combinations. A point now being taken away from Urkal for using his head. Cotto back to the combinations to the head and body. Urkal is not able to get off with punches that can keep Cotto back. Cotto keeps coming forward to the body.

HBO scores for Cotto

Round 8 - Urkal keeps trying to land hard rights to the left eye of Cotto to open up the cut. Cotto fires back with combinations. Cotto keeps trying to keep a pace by landing when the openings present themselves. Urkal unable to land much other than head butts.

HBO scores the round even 9-9

Round 9 - Cotto is landing good to the body and trying to pressure Urkal hard. A hard uppercut by Cotto and Urkal sticking his head down while Cotto goes to the body. Urkal landing some good right hands, but unable to hurt Cotto. Cotto banging with combinations to the body.

HBO scores for Cotto

Round 10 - Urkal moving around the ring and trying to get away from the body shots. Now they are in close as Urkal is actually exchanging punches. Cotto landing some shots now to Urkal's shoulders. Cotto so mad over Urkal's head buts that he almost flipped Urkal over his back.

HBO scores for Cotto

Round 11 - Cotto landing some straight punches to the head. Now Cotto lands to body. Urkal now losing another point for a clash of heads and Urkal's corner is throwing in the towel to stop the fight.

HBO scores for Cotto

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