CompUSA to close 126 stores

We will have to wait and see if the recent news from CompUSA will affect the three Puerto Rican stores. In a stunning announcement CompUSA, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu's Grupo Carso SA conglomerate, will close 126 of its 255 stores.

"Based on changing conditions in the consumer retail electronics market, the company identified the need to close and sell stores with low performance or nonstrategic, old store layouts and locations faced with market saturation," Roman Ross, CompUSA's CEO, said in a statement.

In my opinion, our CompUSA stores will not be affected. Since all three of our CompUSA stores were built within the last four years, I'm guessing their layouts are not old. Furthermore, since most major department stores have their most successful stores in Puerto Rico, I'm guessing that is the case for CompUSA as well. There is an outside chance that the newly opened Bayamón store could be seen as nonstrategic or market saturation. In my opinion for a market the size of Puerto Rico, the Plaza Caparra and Rio Hondo sites where too close together. We will just have to wait and see, 60 to 90 days at most according to the company. One thing is certain, I would not expect CompUSA to open any other stores in Puerto Rico.

CompUSA started this process on February 23rd with the announced closing of the first four (4) stores:

Long Beach, CA (Store # 175)
San Mateo, CA (Store #728)
Mesquite, TX (Store #127)
Skokie, IL (Store #177)



6 de marzo de 2007, 14:42
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they will not close the Puerto Rico stores. the ones affected are in the mainland.

MC Don Dees

6 de marzo de 2007, 23:32
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Well that's a relief. Thanks for the update!