Borders Expansion

Our favorite store, Borders in Plaza Las America, will be adding 5,000 additional square footage to the existing 25,000 square feet. In addition to this expansion, the company is also in negotiations with other shopping centers to open more stores in Puerto Rico. Come on Caguas, can we hear an Amen for a Borders in Caguas?

Borders is one of our preferred spots for impromptu meetings and such, although my wife isn't too happy about it of late. I just can't seem to resist the clearance books that they put out. So while it remains a convenient place to meet, it continues to be an constant battle with temptation to avoid buying a few heavily discounted books. Now repeat with me: "Just say no! You don't have any more book shelf space." No, wait I just had an idea. I can cure my dilemma in 4 words: build more book shelfs.



14 de marzo de 2007, 09:27
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Borders is the best!!!!!!