Aviso: Locura en JC Penney's

You don't know what crowded is...Building on some recent experiences, which have once again reminded me of how many gatos we are crammed onto this little island, I predict a major scene at JC Penney's in Plaza Las Americas tomorrow around 5:00 PM. Why? Well Juan Luis Guerra will make an in-store appearance in promotion of his new CD "La llave de mi corazón".

I mean think about it. The guy has a number one hit on his hands with his title cut "La llave de mi corazón", and has a long distinguished career with his band 4.40. With hundreds of thousands of fanatics on the island, I imagine just about every one of them will go and want to get close to him. In other words, if I were you, I'd avoid JC Penney's like the plague tomorrow around 5:00 PM. I can even see the madness spilling out into Plaza Las Americas in parking shortages and other assorted manifestations of overpopulation and intense heat.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: duG (I really like point #1 of duG's description of his photograph. Take that, amplify it by 100 and you get how much we respect personal space in a situation like I've described above.)