Aprenda a Hacer Cine…Haciéndolo

The camera never liesFilm is a medium that touches us all, regardless of our economic status. It provides us entertainment in two of our most popular pastimes, movies and television. And now YouTube is quickly picking up where these two pastimes leave off. Of course, now the format of the short film is surging due to possibility of becoming an over night sensation with a few million clicks.

For those serious about entering the world of film, the Film Foundation is offering their second semester of 2007 workshops to learn script writing, photography and direction, and editing. They also offer a workshop entitled “Aprenda a Hacer Cine…Haciéndolo” or learning how to make a film, by making a film (which includes all three of the workshops in one package). The workshops will be held on Saturdays for ten consecutive weeks. Each class will be six hours long for a total of 60 hours (for the “Aprenda a Hacer Cine" workshop).

More details are available on the Film Foundation's website, including a registration form. The cost of the workshops vary:

  • Escritura de Guiones ($229 .00+ Tax)
  • Dirección y Manejo de Cámara ($249.00 + Tax)
  • Edición ($229.00 + Tax)
  • "Aprenda a Hacer Cine…Haciéndolo” (Tres talleres con producción de corto) ($599.00 + Impuesto)
Another incentive to enroll might be to participate in the Film Foundation's "Cuarto Concurso Nacional de Guiones Pare Cortos Cinematográficos". The contest is currently open, but you'll have to submit your finished film (in Spanish) before June 15, 2007 12:00 Midnight. The winner of the contest will receive $10,000, which is some serious coin for a contest of this nature. So what are you waiting on, go to the Film Foundation website for details on the contest, and who knows, maybe we'll see an illegal reproduction(1) of one of your films available through BitTorrent one day.

(1). Of course it is only the MPAA that calls it illegal, we call it barter in the age of the Internet. ;-)

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