1st Summit Doing Business in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce has announced that their summit, "Doing Business in Puerto Rico" in the illustrious Waldorf Astoria is sold out. The summit will be March 27th in New York City. I wonder how many seats were sold? Update: While the PRCC expected 250 participants, they sold 350 seats.

According to Manuel Mejia, Chairman of the Board of the PRCC, "This event has the opportunity to increase the development of the island and promote the strength of our economy. This showcase has attracted high-ranking executives of top companies ready to invest. The discussion will center on how the island, compared to other geographic options, is the best alternative for investment projects, all of this provided by 16 prominent officials from public and private sectors and the participation of senior executives from international companies with operations on the island."

My hope for this event is that there is some type of follow through. What I see so often is great events, with workshops and working groups, that produce actionable plans. However, after the event you never again hear about any of the actions coming to fruition. In many instances, you never hear about the event again. A good first step would be to publish a list of the companies participating in the summit that way if we see any news associated to those companies, we'll be able to correlate it with the summit.