Top 10 reasons to use Dó

We get a lot of questions concerning why any merchant or user would want to use Dó when there are other sites already doing some of the things we do. Well for us, this difference has always been as simple as seeing these other sites as a huge evil mega-corporations interested in billions of users and billions of profits, versus, a local Puerto Rican business, owned and operated by Puerto Ricans that love our island home. There is no way that these companies will ever know or care about Los Borinquens like we do. But in case you still have some doubts, here are the top 10 reasons why everyone should prefer Dó versus any other web site when it comes to Puerto Rico:

  1. We eliminate any possible errors for geo-coding by plotting all of our locations individually. - What is geocoding, you ask? It is the process most mapping web sites use to convert an address into a precise location on a map. Due to the unique nature of our addresses with Barrios, Urbanizaciónes, Calle, Carretera, etc, this process does not work well in Puerto Rico. You ask, how bad could it get if a location is wrong? Ask James Kim's family!
  2. We map all businesses, whether they end up paying for our service, or not, we feel it adds value to have them in the system. On the contrary, most local search web sites only pinpoint businesses that opt-in to their service. If the business does not opt-in, then they will not appear.
  3. We include all possible types of information. Examples of this general interest information incudes: churches, beaches, schools, bus stations, train stations, police stations, well you get the point. Other local search sites will only include this information if it already appears within the Navtek map.
  4. We provide the ability to create, display, and organize events by location. While users can already add public events, in the near future, registered users will be able to add and share private events.
  5. We have a web log that discusses all things Puerto Rico, and draws attention to new content available within Dó Often times, this information links to specific locations so that users can not only learn about new things they can interactively see where something did or will take place.
  6. Our Puerto Rico specific search engine provides superior search results for web sites related to Puerto Rico. You can continue to look for a needle of information in the world's largest haystack or you can keep your search local and significantly reduce the size of the stack. At Dó, with less information to search, all Puerto Rico-related information becomes easy to find.
  7. We offer specially created content important to our visitors. This content provides useful and informative data about Puerto Rico, such as the best places to eat, the route of the Tren Urbano, and coming soon, the route of the "World's Best 10K.
  8. We offer the ability for offline merchants to run targeted advertising without having to have a web site or know how to use context sensitive advertising tools.
  9. We offer the ability to customize a directory listing with a wide assortments of add-ons. These add-ons significantly enhance a merchant's ability to attract users and customers.
  10. We are the only web site to offer all of these benefits and utilities at one address. To tell the truth though, this is just a portion of the features we have planned. As more of these features become available, then the reasons why you will want to use another web site for Puerto Rico related information will nearly disappear.
Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: jainniec